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We don’t cut corners – but our CNC router does

SAP doesn’t have an expensive showroom or costly marketing campaigns, so 100% of your valuable dollars go into your finished product. SAP’s 5’x12′ flatbed 3-axis CNC router and award-winning Cabinet Vision software make SAP significantly more productive than the typical cabinet shop, allowing it to keep its prices down while ensuring it can meet its delivery commitments. You’ll find that SAP will be 10% to 15% less costly than its competitors on most jobs.

SAP is owned and managed by Scott A. Patterson. With a degree in construction management and 25 years of construction, carpentry, installation and project management experience, Scott provides detailed quotes that avoid the need for frustrating and expensive change orders and enable him to meet his delivery requirements, guaranteed.

SAP’s Cabinet Vision software can quickly generate shop drawings and 3D renderings of your project in either pdf or printed formats. It also creates material requirements and cutlists and handles job costing. Just as important, Cabinet Vision’s ‘screen to machine’ capability generates machine-ready cost to drive SAP’s flatbed CNC router. The router cuts out your project’s components in the most efficient way possible, making them ready to assemble complete with mortises and screw holds.


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